Wyvern Piece


The Wolfobo Fighting Chocobo
The Wolf-obo says:
While not as ferocious as the real thing, these wyvern pieces
can easily intimidate the other pieces on the map.
Wyvern Piece

Crafted Item Information
A chess piece representing wyverns. For use on the Eorzean map table.
Item Lv 80
Required Lv 1


Class 50 Carpenter
Recipe Lv 90 ★
1 Ice Cluster
2 Wind Cluster
5 Varnish
3 Stone Vigil Lumber
1 Fieldcraft Demimateria III

1. Courtesy of Thistle
 Posted by on July 14, 2014

  2 Responses to “Wyvern Piece”

  1. I ended up getting the wyvern piece as well, even though the icon made it hard to see what it looks like. It’s two dragon/wyvern heads facing each other. Same size as the dragon piece. In my opinion, the dragon one is way nicer — even close up, it’s hard to see what the wyvern one is. I’m going to try dying it and see if it helps.

    Screenshot attached in the URL field.

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