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In a nutshell: Individuals can purchase houses in the same way as an FC can, and at the same exact (bloated) price.

In a rare turn of events, both the communities of the official forums and Reddit’s /r/ffxov/ were united in their reaction:

That it is absolutely horse-bird poo. There are many, many problems with this setup.

Here’s what’s going on.
— Players will have to pick among very limited available plots and compete with the purchasing power of entire Free Companies as WELL as one another.
— Two wards were added which have approximately 30 plots, for a total of 180 plots of available land.
— The price for personal housing is exactly the same as what a Free Company would pay, negating Yoshi-P’s statement: “You’re not buying a house with only 850k gil. But they will not be as expensive as FC housing.”
— Yoshi-P released a statement tonight essentially saying that 2.4 will have double the land. If we assume that means 8 more wards:
8x30 = 240 plots per citystate 240 x 3 = 720 further plots available per server.
This is not nearly enough to accommodate even half of each server’s population.
–Unowned plots in Wards 1-6 have had their prices raised to match the new 7th and 8th ward prices. So much for waiting for depreciation.

Oh, but hey, you can ride your chocobo in residential wards now. Whooptie. Doo.

Don’t take our word for it though. You can follow the unfolding drama at these links:

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