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Square-Enix has officially stated on Twitter that Patch 2.3 – Defenders of Eorzea is scheduled for release on July 8th, 2014!

The Warkers at the Chocobo Construction Company are excited for 2.3, and here’s why:

  •  Personal Chambers attached to Free Company housing, announced price at 300,000 gil.
  •  Chocobo Stables for Free Company housing
  •  (speculation that there will be more furnishings, but no proof aside from this picture of  the planned Ramuh Trophy)


Of course there’s more to patch 2.3. Check out our sources below for more information.

[E3 2014]Producer Letter Live XV Summary[Reddit, by Emiliam]

Letter of the Producer XV LIVE Q&A [Square-Enix]



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