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Community Rep Pocchory has posted all the questions posed to the development team during the last Live letter.  Here’s a summary of the Housing and Chocobo Raising questions:



Q: Can you make it possible to place a planter in our private chambers so we can garden?

A: Komoto: It was possible to garden in FFXI with planter pots, and we would like to do this kind of thing for FFXIV: ARR as well. When we were initially planning out gardening, we were talking about having this type of feature in the future. However, gardening was designed based around the special aspect that it’s important what is growing next to each plant in your garden, so we’d like to monitor this for a bit and then work on implementing something. Please give us a bit more time.

Q: Can you make it possible to place an Armoire and the Unending Journey in our private chambers?

A: Komoto: There have been requests for this and we’ve put it in our implementation plans. Though it depends on priorities, we are aiming to implement this in patch 2.4.

Q: Can you tell us whether it will be possible to garden with personal housing?

A: Komoto: I’ve been talking to the programmer about implementing this feature to coincide with the implementation of personal housing, and we’re doing our best to make it in time. Though there is a possibility that the implementation timing changes, this is something that will be possible.

Q: Please implement furnishings where we can store items or racks we can decorate with weapons in our private chambers.

A: Komoto: As a player myself… I understand the requests to increase the amount of space in Company Chests and feel it would be good to have a bit more. However, when it comes to adding a rack it might not be the best way of going about things since it could contribute to problems revolving around having to remember where you put your items. Personally I feel that it would be best to keep things simple so players can play the game easily.

Yoshida: There’s an issue where we won’t be able to increase the amount of land if we allocate too much data resources to houses. Our plan is to first add as much land as we can. After this, we’d like players to build a lot of houses and once the needs of the players have been met we would like to increase the amount of items that can be placed. We are placing the highest priority on making it so a lot of players can possess a house, and then we will look into increase the amount of items that can be placed.

Q: When logging out in private chambers, upon logging in again we are placed outside of houses. Could you make it like inns so that we log back into our rooms?

A: Komoto: I understand that since implementation we’ve been receiving a lot of feedback about this, but this is an issue that is actually quite deep and we are not able to address it right away at the moment. Inns, similar to instanced dungeons, have been made so they are set to standby where no resources are consumed when players are not present. For houses as well the programmers were able to work on it so they do not consume resources either when players are not present, but as a result of this, when logging back into the game the room resources do not exist, so there is a difficult issue about how to make it so you can log back in to your rooms.

Chocobo Raising

Q: The magicked stable broom cost is too high, so please make it so we can use the magic broom minion instead to clean our stables.

A: Komoto: I apologize about this. Just as I was asked earlier, this is exactly something that was outside of what was anticipated. We will be changing the recipe so that a larger amount can be made for a lower cost. However, as there are not necessarily a lot of players who belong to a free company that own a house and can craft this item, we’ll also make it so NPC shops sell these as well for the minimum of this cost. Even on the World I play on, they are being sold at a very high price, so we will be making adjustments to drive these prices down.

Q: I feel that the cost and difficulty for cleaning stables and growing food for chocobo raising is too high. Can you make adjustments so this is more accessible?

A: Komoto: For cleaning stables we will do as I just mentioned. Again, I am very sorry. In regards to vegetables, we feel it’s just right at the moment, but I think that the methods for growing these vegetables haven’t been completely uncovered just yet. As there are no HQ items that can be grown from krakka root seeds, we’d like players to try and use shroud soil and such to increase their yield.

Q: Please make it so we can have different stats or raise our chocobo differently depending on the types of food we feed it.

A: Komoto: At the moment we are not looking into features like this. Since chocobo raising is done at free company houses, other members can feed your chocobo, and there is a possibility where they could feed it the wrong type of food. We’ll look into ways that we can prevent this, but for the moment our plan is to prioritize making it easy for free company members to take care of each other’s chocobos.

Yoshida: In regards to chocobo stats, we’ll be looking into training for certain aspects that are geared towards the previously mentioned chocobo racing. As I said during the previous Letter LIVE, this is not the end of chocobo raising. We plan on adding a separate feature to chocobo stables in order to boost your stats.

Q: Currently it’s only possible to obtain the vegetables for chocobo raising via gardening, but do you have any plans to add other methods for obtaining them?

A: Komoto: This all depends on the amount in circulation, but for now I don’t think it is as severe as the situation with the magicked stable broom. We’d like players to utilize their gardens as much as they can to grow these vegetables. Adding more ways to obtain them would reduce the value of gardens, so we need to balance this carefully.

And there you have it – aside from apologies over the state of the magicked stable broom, not a lot of really concrete answers. Many of us at CCC would like to see the ease of obtaining Thavnairian Onions improved (We’re all level 10 and hungry for action.) Of course, Fluffykins doesn’t care.

Fluffykins the Destroyer
Fluffykins Says:
Hey, if you guys want onion breath, that’s your thing.
Just stay away from me.

To read the whole Letter Summary (including some tidbits about the Golden Saucer and… TRIPLE TRIAD!!), please follow this link: THREAD: Letter From the Producer LIVE Part XVI Q&A Summary (08/11/2014)

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  1. The way he answered question 3 confuses me, given that ‘Personal Housing’ ended up being the same as FC houses only allowing individuals to buy the lots.

    This makes me think that maybe they were/are planning something different eventually? Different neighborhoods maybe? Otherwise why get dodgy about gardening like that?

    just strange.

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