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Community Rep Grekumah has commented on the issues some Free Companies are experiencing with keeping their stables clean.


Chocobo Stable Concierges,

I know that some players have been struggling to keep their stables fresh and clean for their fellow adventures. We touched on this briefly during the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE, but just to reiterate we are planning to make adjustments to the magicked stable broom in patch 2.35.

We’ll be announcing the details of this adjustment in the patch notes the day the patch goes live.

There was a lot of information regarding the stables that I’ve added to the Chocobo Stables page. Please note that it is subject to change when 2.35 drops. It is not known when Patch 2.35 will drop but it is speculated to be in the latter half of this month (August).

To follow the rest of the conversation, head over to the official forums via this link:
THREAD: Why not a normal broom to clean stables?

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