Manor Couch


The Phantom Fish
Tai-yukky says:
What happens when you can’t pay
the mortgage on your haunted house?
It gets repossessed. 😀
Manor Couch

Crafted Item Information
A haunting couch custom-made for Haukke Manor.
※Cannot be retrieved once placed.
Item Lv 30
Required Lv 1


Class 29 Leatherworker
Recipe Lv 29
2 Wind Shard
3 Earth Shard
4 Toad Leather
2 Walnut Lumber
2 Fine Wax

1. Photo courtesy of Ellehazdra Tyrook – Cult of Kefka (Exodus)
 Posted by on June 27, 2014

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  1. hi i was wondering how you dye furniture

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