Lattice Planter


Pinky the Carbuncle
Pinky Says:
This piece reminds me of the life of adventurers:
The plants start in dirt, and with time and experience, climb
the lattice to become beautiful and legendary.
(Also, the wood is dyeable, which is awesome)
Lattice Planter

Crafted Item Information
A wooden garden partition outfitted with planter pots.
Item Lv 45
Required Lv 1


Class 45 Carpenter
Recipe Lv 45
5 Ice Shard
6 Wind Shard
3 Cobalt Ingot
5 Rosewood Lumber
3 Humus
3 Island Seedling

1. Photo courtesy of Rev Sehkata – Silent Sorrow (Midgardsormr)
 Posted by on July 12, 2014

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