Glade Mansion Wall (Wood)


Bobo Voco the Prince of Chocobos
Bobo Voco Says:
Why did the Paladin get kicked from the party?
Because he wouldn’t stop flashing everyone.
Glade Mansion Wall (Wood)

Crafted Item Information
A wooden wall designed exclusively for use with Glade Mansions.
Item Lv 50
Required Lv 1


Class 50 Carpenter
Recipe Lv 55 ★
8 Ice Crystal
12 Wind Crystal
15 Mahogany Lumber
5 Spruce Lumber
10 Cobalt Nails
10 Cobalt Joint Plate
10 Felt Lining

1. Observed by Melisma at the home of Diamond Dust (Leviathan)
 Posted by on July 2, 2014

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