Double Feather Bed


Pinky the Carbuncle
Pinky Says:
So puffy and fluffy! I’m glad I’m not an adventurer…
I can stay in bed all day!
Double Feather Bed

Crafted Item Information
Made from the feathers of forty-leven geese, this large bed can hold approximately eight children, four hound dogs, and a piggy stolen from the shed.
Item Lv 70
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 50 Weaver
Recipe Lv 70 ★★
1 Wind Cluster
1 Lightning Cluster
2 Darksteel Nugget
3 Vanya Silk
2 Mahogany Lumber
6 Waterfowl Feather
2 Fieldcraft Demimateria II

1. Observed by Chaina Flourite at the home of Fairy Tail (Cerberus)
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