Chocobo Construction Company Photo and Copywright Policy


Chocobo Construction Company Photo and Copywright Policy

Last Updated July 16th, 2014

The Chocobo Construction Company strives to create a resource where players of Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) can find information, including photos, of furniture. When possible, I will take screenshots of each furnishing while I play the game – either stuff I’ve made myself, or things I’ve found in a publicly-accessible Free Company hall or private chambers.
I will give credit on every page the photos appear: generally the name of the Free Company who’s hall I visited or the owner of the private chambers where the furnishing in question appeared.

My reasoning for this is that if any schmuck can walk in, then any schmuck can take a picture. If this troubles you, please consider making your hall or chambers private. Do remember that I give credit where I can, and if you want, I can link to your free company’s website if you contact me.

I may also search the internet for photos when I cannot find the furnishing in-game. These photos will also be credited appropriately with a link back to where it originally appeared.

I will be happy to remove or modify a listing if you own the photograph or website that it appeared on. In order to submit a request for removal, please email me at melisma[at] with the following information:

email address:
URL of photo in question (as it appears on
reasoning for removal or modification, including proof that you own said photo.

If you would like to submit a photo of your own, please use the Submission Form.

Thank you for visiting. Hope you enjoy!

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