by Tua Teatime


Have you ever wanted to live green? Well, Tua Teatime‘s (Odin) personal chambers is doing just that in her living, overgrown, wonderland! The walls are decorated with Arbor Interior Wall, setting the stage with bountiful ivy and a hint of what’s to come. By the door is Tua’s study, where she sits upon a Glade Armchair and writes stories of her adventures on her Sylphic Counter. Behind her, Manor Bookshelves house her collection of novels written by adventures long-gone. On the floor there’s a stack of books entitled The Five Ages, the sum knowledge of Lewphon of Sharlayan’s years of research. A Riviera Wall Shelf carries even more books, this time the Encyclopedia Eorzea, as well as a Glade Flower Vase. Behind it all is the Eorzean Map, a must-own for all adventurers.

Visitors may sit on the Glade Couch/Glade Pillar combo and chit chat while Tua writes away. On the other side of the Sylphic Screen is a hidden oasis consisting of a Riviera Bathtub, Potted Dragon Tree, and a Manor Candelabra for mood lighting.  After your bath, why not lounge on the Serpent Utility Cot, or if you prefer, the Oasis Blossom Rug in front of a nice roaring fire, courtesy of the Deluxe Manor Fireplace.

Even more bookshelves, this time Glade Bookshelves, dyed green, can be found on the other side of the fireplace. This is one well-read lady! Have a seat at the Sylphic Table and Sylphic Chair, and enjoy your book, with a Brass Pricket giving more than ample light for reading.


Other furnishings in this design:

This gallery was used with permission.  The original Imgur gallery may be found HERE, and the original Reddit thread may be found HERE.

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