By Elise Kythria


The personal chambers of Elise Kythria (Leviathan) show what one can do with the creative use of partitions.  An Oasis Partition conceals a bedroom, complete with double Oasis Beds, an Oasis Wardrobe and a Stuffed Chocobo standing watch upon a  Glade Cartonnier.

A different furnishing  is placed diagonally in each corner, allowing the lines of the room to flow smoothly. In one corner, a  Manor Fireplace lights and warms the room, and an Oasis Leaf Rug gives you a soft place to sit  in front of the fire.

In another corner, a Lalafellin Step Stool allows you to reach the topmost books on a Glade Bookshelf.  Bring the book over to the Glade Dining Table in the kitchenette area and have a seat on one of the Glade Chairs, where you can also have a snack while reading. The Riviera Half-Partition situated between the dining table and the bedroom makes it easy for you to stumble blearily in after waking up and see what’s for breakfast.


Other furnishings in this design:



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