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Melisma-avatar-64xHey everyone – I (Melisma) have been sick for a good while, but I’m back.. and apparently just in time for a major update. So hang tight – I’m adding all your submissions over the next few days along with the exciting new things coming out in 2.4. Culinary furniture?? Holy Heck!


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  1. The tea set is my new favorite housing thing. Cookies!

  2. i hope youre feeling better! are you planning on having the 2.4 items up soon? i’m itching to get started decorating but want to wait until i can see the stuff first! thanks!!

  3. avatar

    Are you…. okay? Just discovered this site and noticed your last post was on October 27th saying you were were sick and going to submit more pictures and then only a handful of the new furniture were submitted in that time. <_< Just worried about you a little.

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