Aug 142014
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I was pleasantly surprised to see some new, limited-time furnishing available from the Moonfire Faire Vendors that have appeared in every major city. They’re at the very bottom of the shop list, so don’t miss them. I bought some for the Chocobo Construction Company Headquarters. Look for pics on their individual pages, linked below.

Bombard Lamp Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Bombard Lamp (Ceiling Lamp) 27,442 gil

Wooden Bucket Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Wooden Bucket (Outdoor Furnishing) 17,010 gil

Ornamental Bamboo Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Ornamental Bamboo (Outdoor Furnishing) 20,790 gil

Moonfire Lantern Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Moonfire Lantern (Outdoor Furnishing) 24,948 gil

Aug 132014
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Community Rep Pocchory has posted all the questions posed to the development team during the last Live letter.  Here’s a summary of the Housing and Chocobo Raising questions:



Q: Can you make it possible to place a planter in our private chambers so we can garden?

A: Komoto: It was possible to garden in FFXI with planter pots, and we would like to do this kind of thing for FFXIV: ARR as well. When we were initially planning out gardening, we were talking about having this type of feature in the future. However, gardening was designed based around the special aspect that it’s important what is growing next to each plant in your garden, so we’d like to monitor this for a bit and then work on implementing something. Please give us a bit more time.

Q: Can you make it possible to place an Armoire and the Unending Journey in our private chambers?

A: Komoto: There have been requests for this and we’ve put it in our implementation plans. Though it depends on priorities, we are aiming to implement this in patch 2.4.

Q: Can you tell us whether it will be possible to garden with personal housing?

A: Komoto: I’ve been talking to the programmer about implementing this feature to coincide with the implementation of personal housing, and we’re doing our best to make it in time. Though there is a possibility that the implementation timing changes, this is something that will be possible.

Q: Please implement furnishings where we can store items or racks we can decorate with weapons in our private chambers.

A: Komoto: As a player myself… Continue reading »

Aug 102014
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Community Rep Grekumah has commented on the issues some Free Companies are experiencing with wasting food on stabled chocobos that have reached the experience cap for their level.


We have received a response regarding a chocobo related question and I would like to share it with you.

"Originally Posted by Roll:Could we get an alert/message/icon that let's us know when a chocobo is capped on exp before we feed it and use up our item?"

While the implementation period has not yet been finalized, we plan on making it so you can confirm how much experience points your companion has from the chocobo stable menu.

In response to a further question, Grekumah clarified further that he meant that ALL chocobo exp would be confirmable, and not just your own chocobo’s. This will be a welcomed change as I personally have seen many a krakka root wasted on a chocobo that was already capped for the moment. Thank goodness it wasn’t a more valuable food – but that’s chocobos for you. OF COURSE they’re not going to tell you that they don’t need to be fed.

To follow the rest of the conversation, head over to the official forums via this link:
THREAD: Could We Get an Icon That Let’s Us Know When a Choco is Capped on Exp?

Aug 072014
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Community Rep Grekumah has commented on the issues some Free Companies are experiencing with keeping their stables clean.


Chocobo Stable Concierges,

I know that some players have been struggling to keep their stables fresh and clean for their fellow adventures. We touched on this briefly during the recent Letter from the Producer LIVE, but just to reiterate we are planning to make adjustments to the magicked stable broom in patch 2.35.

We’ll be announcing the details of this adjustment in the patch notes the day the patch goes live.

There was a lot of information regarding the stables that I’ve added to the Chocobo Stables page. Please note that it is subject to change when 2.35 drops. It is not known when Patch 2.35 will drop but it is speculated to be in the latter half of this month (August).

To follow the rest of the conversation, head over to the official forums via this link:
THREAD: Why not a normal broom to clean stables?

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