Tatami Mat


The Wolfobo Fighting Chocobo
The Wolf-obo says:
The tatami mat was once a symbol of social position,
but now any adventurer can own them.
Tatami Mat

Crafted Item Information
Woven from sweet-smelling rush grass, these rectangular floor mats are widely used in the far eastern land of Doma.
Item Lv 55
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 50 Weaver
Recipe Lv 55 ★
2 Wind Crystal
3 Lightning Crystal
3 Cotton Yarn
3 Straw
3 Rush Grass
2 Fieldcraft Demimateria I

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  1. You are mistaken, Rush Grass is trade able, and you can buy them from the MB, they drop from Toadskin Treasure maps

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