Stuffed Goblin


Cocoa Joe the Chocolate Chocobo
Cocoa Joe Says:
The only way this could be more realistic is
if it were to smell like stinky cheese!
Stuffed Goblin

Crafted Item Information
All attempts to remove the mask of this goblin replica have failed, so do not even consider trying it yourself.
Item Lv 55
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 50 Leatherworker
Recipe Lv 55 ★
2 Wind Crystal
3 Earth Crystal
2 Boar Leather
2 Undyed Felt
2 Linen Yarn
2 Exquisite Buttons
2 Floss Silk

1. Image by Thistle
 Posted by on July 14, 2014

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  1. Stuffed goblin screenshot attached. It’s not animated, the stars are from the chocobo chick next to it.

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