Star Globe


The Wolfobo Fighting Chocobo
The Wolf-obo says:
Face it: You’ll be spending more time idly
spinning this globe on its axis than taking a real
interest in its astronomical significance.
Star Globe

Crafted Item Information
A spherical map of the heavens based off of legendary Ishgardian astrologian Adaunel the Younger’s lifetime of findings.
Item Lv 40
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 43 Carpenter
Recipe Lv 43
5 Ice Shard
5 Wind Shard
3 Mythril Rivet
1 Oak Lumber
1 Mahogany Lumber
3 Varnish

1. Photo courtesy of Allumette Honeycutt – Crystalborn (Cactaur)
2. Photo courtesy of Rev Sehkata – Silent Sorrow (Midgardsormr)
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    The name of this item is actually “Model Star Globe”. “Star Globe” is an Astrologian’s weapon.

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