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Community Rep Grekumah has commented on the issues some Free Companies are experiencing with removing players that have private chambers.



I have a few pieces of information I would like to share with everyone regarding FC quality of life improvements.

We will be releasing the feature so that free company masters can remove players with private chambers in patch 2.35. We also expect that the feature that will allow masters to remove players who have stabled their chocobos will be ready at the same time. Separate from this, we will also be looking into making it so the FC master can remove the chocobo from the stables without removing the player from the FC.

The amount of food you can obtain from gardens can be increased by using certain soil. We will look into making it so you can obtain them through other content; however, we would like to maintain the way gardening functions as content, so we will not be making adjustments so you can get a large amount of this food. (I.e. sell them in shops, etc.)

To follow the rest of the conversation, head over to the official forums via this link:
THREAD: Necessary Free Company Qualty of Life Upgrades

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