Planter Partition


Manny the Crazy Mandragora
“Manny” Says:
These are so large that I can hide within the foliage
and surprise passers-by endlessly. It never gets old.
Although, I sometimes get tossed out the window
– not sure why.
Planter Partition

Crafted Item Information
A low partition outfitted with several planter pots.
Item Lv 39
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 39 Alchemist
Recipe Lv 39
4 Lightning Shard
5 Water Shard
4 Elm Lumber
4 Mahogany Lumber
3 Humus
3 Island Seedling

1. Photo courtesy of Poripori of Demon (FC) – Lich
2. Photo courtesy of Pika Loo – Chocobros (Cactaur)
3. Photo courtesy of Allumette Honeycutt – Crystalborn (Cactaur)
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