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It takes an amazing crew to build an amazing home – and we’ve hired three new warkers at the Chocobo Construction Company! Please welcome Fluffykins the Destroyer, Stereoppes the two-eyed Ahriman, and Robo-Gobo, the automated gardener.

Fluffykins the Black Sheep Fluffykins the Destroyer‘s name is pronounced “Flur-bog-ael” and don’t you freakin’ forget it! Fluffykins, er… Flurbogael hates life. He was raised in a loving family of karakul – who don’t understand why he’s acting like a black sheep but try to accept him anyway. He says he longs to be made into lamb chops, but will run at the first sight of a weapon-wielding adventurer. He says no one understands him. He’s right.
Stereoppes Stereoppes is a two-eyed ahriman.. in fact, the only two eyed ahriman in all of Hydaelyn. Being a mutant is a lonely existence as he was cast out of Ahriman society only to be shunned by the suspicious peoples of Eorzea. Before joining the Chocobo Construction Company, Stereoppes traveled the lands as part of a circus troupe that visited the city-states during All-Saint’s Wake, a time when freaks and imps are tolerated and even welcomed as performers. Despite his tragic deformity, Stereoppes absolutely loves life, much to Fluffykin’s irritation.
Robo-Gobo Robotic Goobbue Mark IV (Robo-Gobo) was created by Wedge and Deputy President Jesse of the Garlond Ironworks. He is part of a project designed to find an automatic caretaker for residential gardens so adventurers can be free to do more important things like saving the world. Robo-Gobo takes his job very seriously, despite having the fickle, clockwork soul of a mammet.

Look for their comments all across the catalog, and if you want to read about the other warkers, please visit the Meet the Construction Warkers page.

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