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I was pleasantly surprised to see some new, limited-time furnishing available from the Moonfire Faire Vendors that have appeared in every major city. They’re at the very bottom of the shop list, so don’t miss them. I bought some for the Chocobo Construction Company Headquarters. Look for pics on their individual pages, linked below.

Bombard Lamp Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Bombard Lamp (Ceiling Lamp) 27,442 gil

Wooden Bucket Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Wooden Bucket (Outdoor Furnishing) 17,010 gil

Ornamental Bamboo Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Ornamental Bamboo (Outdoor Furnishing) 20,790 gil

Moonfire Lantern Housing FFXIV tiny thumb

Moonfire Lantern (Outdoor Furnishing) 24,948 gil

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