Miniature Magitek R…


Robo-Gobo the Gardening Robot
Robo-Gobo Says:
They were making this at the
Garlond Ironworks during the same time that I
was being created. I wonder if it also talks?
Miniature Magitek Reaper

Crafted Item Information
A made-to-scale model of a magitek reaper, lovingly crafted by Garlond Ironworks.
Item Lv 70
Required Lv 1

No Attributes. —

Class 50 Armorer
Recipe Lv 70 ★★
1 Ice Cluster
1 Earth Cluster
1 Darksteel Ingot
1 Electrum Ingot
3 Mythril Plate
2 Frosted Glass Lens

1. Observed by Melisma at the home of Aegis (Leviathan)
 Posted by on June 11, 2014

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