Meet the Construction Warkers!


Welcome to the Chocobo Construction Company! We strive to bring you information about the housing aspect of Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) and all that this entails, including furnishings, gardening, and other non-fighting mini games.

If you have already browsed the catalog a bit, you will have noticed comments from various members of the “Chocobococo” team. There is more information about each of them below. Their jobs range from builder, to designer, to.. obligatory ghost (?!), and we hope that you will come to know them as your browse their comments in the catalog as well.

Without further ado:

Melisma the Photographer  Melisma is the photographer and interwebernets expert for the Chocobo Construction Company.  Many of the pictures on the website are her work (well, those not submitted by happy home owners). She is also the only warker that is of the Five Races, unless you count Bobo Voco (and we don’t). If you catch her barging into your home, fear not for your belongings: Simply pose in front of your best furnishings and SMILE!
The Overseer  The Overseer is the foreman of the Chocobo Construction Company.  His job is to make sure that everything goes smoothly – no slacking, no extra-long lunch breaks, and no skimping on the building materials! His catch phrase is “WARK WARK WARK!!!” (which we think might be chocobo for “Work, work, work”).  He’s always, ALWAYS yelling.
Treowyn the Carver  Treowyn the Carver speaks very little, instead letting her amazing works of artistry speak on her behalf. Wood bends to her will, like putty in her claws.  By calling her work “furniture”, one seriously underestimates the care, quality, and love she puts into everything she touches. How did she end up as a mere warker for the Chocobo Construction Company?
The Wolf-obo  The Wolf-obo has seen more than his fair share of action, and has the scars to prove it.  If he were a player character, he would definitely have been a maurader – hands down. (Or is that “wings down”?)  He’ll share one of his many tales of derring-do if you share a gysahl green with him. WARK!
Cocoa Joe the Chocolate Chocobo  One Hatching-tide eve, a lonely Lalafell child wished upon her chocobo chick-shaped candy, “Oh, I wish my chocolate chick was real. We could play and collect eggs. I wouldn’t be lonely – or hungry!” The next morning, the child awoke to find Cocoa Joe rummaging around in the ice-box.  A hat made of whipped Night Milk and a cherry was made, and they ran off together to enjoy the holiday in style! That is, until she tried to eat him. Oh, the horror!
Bobo Voco - Prince of the Chocobos  Bobo Voco is the self-styled Prince of the Chocobos.  Actually, he’s a hyur that was in a freak lightning accident while wearing a chocobo costume, and now believes himself to be an ACTUAL Chocobo!  He’ll eat Gysahl Greens, but only after chopping them up and tossing them in a salad with some Dzemael Tomato and a bit of Wild Onion.
The Dramatic Ones  The Dramatic Ones see life as black and white, good and evil, comedy and tragedy.  Their constant mood swings irritate their friends to the point where one particularly irritated Slyph exclaimed, “Why don’t Dramatic Ones write a play or something? This one is tired of hearing it!!” So they did. King Kweh is now playing at the Mih Khetto Amphitheatre in Old Gridania until someone writes another play.
Pinky the Carbuncle  Pinky the Carbuncle enjoys cute things:  Cute walls, stuffed animals, coloring books and not fighting.  Not so much a pacifist as that she would rather just paint and make beaded necklaces. She’ll fight if she has to, and especially if there’s crafting materials on the line.
Manny the Mandragora  Manny is fairly excitable- and a little nuts.  One time, a seedling friend of his made a bet that he couldn’t jump into a coeurl’s mouth and jump out again.  Manny, eager to push this to the limit, did indeed jump into a coeurl’s mouth, ran full speed through its digestive track and jumped out the other end, shouting “TADA!” with both rooty arms in the air.  Of course, his seedling friend was shocked and argued that he meant the mouth, but Manny merely shouted “TA-DA!!!” even more loudly and more finality.  The friend could only admit defeat and offered a leaf to wipe himself off.
Tai-yukky, the Phantom Pastry Fish  Tai-yukky, the Phantom Pastry Fish is an unfortunate food that was the result of a freak accident:  One afternoon in Mor Dhona, one of the Chocobo Construction Company workers was just starting his lunch break when a magical shockwave coming from the Crystal Tower washed over him and his meal.  While the worker was fine, the magical aftershock brought his pastry fish meal to life just as he was shoving it in his mouth. Having only enjoyed about two seconds of life, this terrifying taiyaki now haunts the construction worker that “murdered” it.  Being that it’s made of ectoplasm and pastry however, all it can really do is guilt-trip him and call him names.
Baby Dee-Bree Baby Dee-Bree hopes someday to become a part of something big: Part of a stone pillar in Ampador Keep, or perhaps part of the Haukke Manor restoration?  Whatever it is, he knows he can live up to his daddy’s expectations of slightly evil.
Fluffykins the Black Sheep Fluffykins the Destroyer‘s name is pronounced “Flur-bog-ael” and don’t you freakin’ forget it! Fluffykins, er… Flurbogael hates life. He was raised in a loving family of karakul – who don’t understand why he’s acting like a black sheep but try to accept him anyway. He says he longs to be made into lamb chops, but will run at the first sight of a weapon-wielding adventurer. He says no one understands him. He’s right.
Stereoppes Stereoppes is a two-eyed ahriman.. in fact, the only two eyed ahriman in all of Hydaelyn. Being a mutant is a lonely existence as he was cast out of Ahriman society only to be shunned by the suspicious peoples of Eorzea. Before joining the Chocobo Construction Company, Stereoppes traveled the lands as part of a circus troupe that visited the city-states during All-Saint’s Wake, a time when freaks and imps are tolerated and even welcomed as performers. Despite his tragic deformity, Stereoppes absolutely loves life, much to Fluffykin’s irritation.
Robo-Gobo Robotic Goobbue Mark IV (Robo-Gobo) was created by Wedge and Deputy President Jesse of the Garlond Ironworks. He is part of a project designed to find an automatic caretaker for residential gardens so adventurers can be free to do more important things like saving the world. Robo-Gobo takes his job very seriously, despite having the fickle, clockwork soul of a mammet.
Anonymous Chocobo No one knows who the Anonymous Chocobo is – but everyone knows that he’s a bit of a jerk.  He likes to post rude, thoughtless and generally mean comments all over the Interwebernets, using his anonymity as a shield from retaliation.  Does he even work here?


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    How do we submit pictures for personal rooms? Thank you, both for your time, and the wonderful site that helps decide on decor.

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    i have a question i know you probably dont get this much but im trying to find only hot pink pink and purple decorations for my private room do you know which stuff is only those colors maybe red to but time will tell plzz help my room is bare

  3. HELLO! My FC just bought our first house. I love your website. It is so hard to find a good database for the furnishings for the houses. I noticed that it is not up to date. Please keep working on this site! It is a one-of-a-kind and FFXIV housing owners need this!!!!

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