Manor Fireplace


Treowyn the Carver
Treowyn says:
This fireplace may seem plain, but it is dyeable
and you can put items upon it, unlike the deluxe fireplace.
Flank this with pillars to
give it a more significant look.
Manor Fireplace

Crafted Item Information
A haunting fireplace custom-made for Haukke Manor.
Item Lv 45
Required Lv 1


Class 48 Armorer
Recipe Lv 48
6 Ice Shard
6 Earth Shard
2 Cobalt Plate
2 Rosewood Lumber
2 Clinker Bricks
2 Fine Wax

1. Observed by Melisma at the home of Get Good Please (Leviathan)
 Posted by on June 21, 2014

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