Oct 272014
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Melisma-avatar-64xHey everyone – I (Melisma) have been sick for a good while, but I’m back.. and apparently just in time for a major update. So hang tight – I’m adding all your submissions over the next few days along with the exciting new things coming out in 2.4. Culinary furniture?? Holy Heck!


Oct 252014
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Hey everyone! New stuff’s been added in 2.4, including some interesting placeable foods! Nice! Here’s a list of everything added to the blog. I’ll be peeking into homes and taking pictures, and would love any photo submissions you have. Please use the Submissions Form found here. Thanks!

Meals (tabletop placeable)
Gourmet Lunch, Gourmet Supper, Afternoon Tea Set, Assorted Fruit, Chilled Red

Interior walls
Masonwork Interior Wall

Ceiling Lights
Ice Chandelier, Diamond Chandelier

Masonwork Flooring, Checkered Flooring, Iron Plate Flooring

Outdoor Furnishings
Large Planter Box, Riviera Path Light, Glade Path Light, Oasis Path Light, Glade Lamppost, Oasis Lamppost

Indoor Seating
South Seas Armchair, South Seas Couch, Riviera Canopy Bed, Glade Canopy Bed, Oasis Canopy Bed, Riviera Stool, Glade Stool, Oasis Stool, Manor Sofa

Indoor Lighting
Wall Lantern

Potted Oliphaunt’s Ear (Potted Alocasia)

Riviera Open-shelf Bookcase, Glade Open-shelf Bookcase, Oasis Open-Shelf Bookcase, Shipping Crate, Wine Barrel


Stuffed Mazlaya Marlin, Megalodon Jaw, Stuffed Takitaro, Towel Hanger, Adventurers’ Guild Aduyses

Glade Doormat, Oasis Doormat, Large Doormat

Misc Indoor Furnishings
Shower Stand, Head of the Dreadwyrm, Armoire, Masonwork Stove

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